Our Old Time Radio Show Collections and Special Christmas Episodes

Ever since the Library added cassette books to their collection, old time radio shows have been a part of that collection. The radio shows were a relatively easy way to help the collection grow. The early cassette radio show collection generally had one cassette (one hour) per show title. So naturally, we were worried about this collection when we switched from cassette to digital format. We didn’t want to lose these great collections.  We also wanted to take advantage of the digital format to make listening to these shows more enjoyable. The digital format allows us to add information and organize the shows.  It has become a special project for Audio Librarian Karen to convert these radio shows. With hundreds and hundreds of titles available and tens of thousands of episodes, she’ll be occupied for quite some time.

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Christmas Mysteries and Suspense Programs: an Old Time Radio Show Collection   DBC19884

Crime doesn’t pay attention to the calendar. Mysteries, murder and mayhem can happen at any time – including at Christmas time! Old time radio shows would sometimes recognize the calendar and present special episodes around December 25th.  If the show was a mystery or suspense program, that meant a very special episode indeed. Combining the happy season of Christmas with wrong-doing required a light touch.   Some programs used the famous Charles Dickens story The Christmas Carol and its’ three ghosts as the basis for their story. Others were inspired by the story of the Nativity. There are tales of ex-cons going straight and good men going bad. Of course, there are also bad people doing bad things.  With all this detecting going on, you would think someone could solve the mystery of the red-suited intruder who leaves presents everywhere he goes!  There are 29 different shows in this collection with 61 episodes (some shows have more than one Christmas episode). If you like dramatized stories set a Christmas – but with a touch of mystery – this is the collection for you!

Reminder:  the Library will be closed on December 24th and 25th
Happy Holidays!

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