Tales and Travels Summer Reading Program

Next Stop, Tales and Travels Summer Reading Program!

The Summer Reading Program Tales and Travels is coming fast. This program will encompass Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

Go ahead, hop in, and buckle up your seatbelt. You do not want to miss out on this summer’s traveling vacation, because we are starting up our engines VAROOM, VAROOM as we shift into gear!
The Summer Reading Program will have, 27 youth programs and will be offering 9 activity kits containing 3 programs each week, along with prizes too numerous to count. We will be taking you for a bus, train, or boat ride as we travel through the many Tales of our Library. This 2021 summer event promises to be nothing short of magical, mysterious, and outrageously fun! What if I told you that you might learn a little magic trick along the rails?

Also, at time of sign up, your family will receive 2 Blank Park Zoo passes, access to our online ReadSquared program, free personalized SRP T-Shirt and passport! Step on for a spectacular ride because we will take off on June 7th at 1:00 pm sharp! We will meet every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for 45 minutes of entertaining, engaging, hands-on activities. Spots are limited, don’t miss out!

2021 Tales and Travels Summer Reading Program

Dates: June 7, 2021 – August 6, 2021 on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays
Time: 1:00pm – 1:45pm
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Volunteers Help Tell Our Story

2021 Elizabeth Perowsky Volunteer Program

Each year the Library and the Iowa Department for the Blind honors their volunteers with the Elizabeth Perowsky Volunteer Program.  This year’s theme was Volunteers Help Tell Our Story and was held virtually using Zoom rather than in-person on Thursday, April 22nd.   Despite a difficult and complicated year, the library accomplished so much by continuing and expanding services and programs which could not have been done without the help of our volunteers.

During the program, the Friends of the Library presented the library with their annual contribution in the amount of $12,000.00.  Throughout the year the Friends raise funds through memberships and events which is then given to the library.  These funds are essential to the success of many library programs such as; the Iowa Regional Braille Challenge, year round youth programming, the new youth library space, the purchase of a 3D printer, additions to the library’s collection and so much more.  The library would like to thank the Friends of the Library for their constant support, advocacy and commitment.  For more information about the Friends of the Library http://www.iafriendslibraryfortheblind.org/

As part of the Elizabeth Perowsky Volunteer program we honor volunteers who have gone above and beyond throughout the year to assist and support the library. For more than 60 years, Elizabeth Perowsky of Des Moines was a volunteer Braille transcriber. She taught herself to Braille and was certified in literary, Nemeth, and music Braille by the Library of Congress.  She also conducted Braille workshops throughout the country, teaching others how to Braille.  Elizabeth was still Brailling within a few weeks of her death at the age of 97 in May, 1996.  In honor of Elizabeth, the text on the Elizabeth Perowsky Memorial Volunteer Award states: “For extraordinary spirit and inexhaustible dedication in volunteer service to those who are blind”.  Each year the Elizabeth Perowsky Memorial Award and other recognitions are given to our volunteers in appreciation for all that they do for our library.  For more information about this year’s award recipients go to our Volunteer Page.

We thank all of our volunteers for your continual support, contributions, enthusiasm, dedication, and passion that help us serve our patrons and Iowans.  Thank you for making a difference in the lives of others and for helping us tell our library’s story.  The Library Staff put together a short video to express our thanks to our volunteers.  Watch the video here.

Library Chat Podcast: April 2021

April’s Library Chat celebrates National Library Week by reviewing books and a podcast about libraries and librarians. Library staff also discuss an episode from the podcast 99% Invisible hosted by Roman Mars.  Episode 415 titled “Goodnight Nobody” explores the complex figure of Anne Carroll Moore, a New York Public librarian, and her role in making libraries accessible to children.

Library Chat:  April 2021 Book List

The bodies in the library DB97038 by Marty Wingate

The giver of stars DB96907 by Jojo Moyes

Her perfect affair DB100847 by Priscilla Oliveras

Information hunters: when librarians, soldiers, and spies banded together in World War II Europe DB98976 by Kathy Lee Peiss

The Library of the Unwritten DB96922 by A.J. Hackwith

Reading behind bars: a true story of literature, law, and life as a prison librarian DB96548 by Jill Grunenwald

Upright women wanted DB98684 by Sarah Gailey

The midnight library DB100906  by Matt Haig

Syria’s secret library: reading and redemption in a town under siege DB97420 by Mike Thomson

The library book DB92869 by Susan Orlean

The midnight library DB100906 by Matt Haig

Ink and Bone: the Great Library DB85432 by Rachel Caine

The time traveler’s wife DB57102 by Audrey Niffenegger

Dewey’s nine lives:  the legacy of the small-town library cat who inspired millions DB72898 by Vicki Myron

Children’s Titles

The boy who was raised by librarians DBC06351 by Carla D. Morris

Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s library DB77918 by Chris Grabenstein

Goodnight moon DB24603 by Margaret Wise Brown

Also, check out the library’s monthly Library News podcast and Braille Bits podcast.  Check out the library’s Podcast Page for information on all the library’s podcasts and episodes.

Join Us for Makerspace Monday on April 12th!

Makerspace Monday @ The PlaygroundDon’t miss the Makerspace Monday Virtual Event on Monday, April 12th at 6:30pm. We will not only discover the magic of feathers but get ready to tie and trim as you assemble the Feathery Macramé craft! You will learn to turn yarn into wall art just one feather at a time.

Makerspace Monday Virtual Event
Date and Time: April 12th 6:30 p.m.

Activity: Feathery Macramé Fun
Register Here

We love Libraries and Librarians!

As you know, it’s National Library Week!  So we thought this would be a good time to highlight some newer books about libraries and librarians.  There is something for everyone on this list, from romance, to science fiction, to mystery, to biography and true crime.  It was hard to narrow it down.  Who knew libraries and librarians made such excellent settings and characters?

The bodies in the library DB97038 by Marty Wingate

Hayley Burke lands a job as the curator of Lady Georgiana Fowling’s First Edition library at Middlebank House in Bath, England. But when one of her Agatha Christie fan-fiction writers group is found dead in the venerable stacks, Hayley has to catch the killer to save her job.

The giver of stars DB96907 by Jojo Moyes

  1. Alice Van Cleve is still trying to adjust to married life and living in Kentucky after being raised in England. When offered the chance to join a group of women to deliver Eleanor Roosevelt’s new traveling library, she jumps at it. But they face dangers.

Her perfect affair DB100847 by Priscilla Oliveras

Responsible Rosa Fernandez has planned her career with precision, finally landing a job as a librarian. But she’s been harboring a secret crush on dreamy Jeremy Taylor, and after one dance with him at her sister’s wedding, Rosa longs to let loose for the first time.

Information hunters: when librarians, soldiers, and spies banded together in World War II Europe DB98976 by Kathy Lee Peiss

A cultural historian recounts the role of book and document collecting during and after World War II as a part of intelligence and national security, military planning, and postwar reconstruction. She profiles the librarians, archivists, and scholars who carried out these missions and describes the forward-reaching impact on American libraries.

The Library of the Unwritten DB96922 by A.J. Hackwith

Claire is Head Librarian of the Unwritten Wing of Hell’s library, where stories unfinished by their authors reside. When a hero escapes from his book and goes in search of his author, Claire must capture him with the help of her assistant, Brevity, and demon courier Leto.

Reading behind bars: a true story of literature, law, and life as a prison librarian DB96548 by Jill Grunenwald

A newly minted librarian looks back on her first career stop: working in a prison. Discusses what drew her to the profession, why she chose to take the job, personalities she encountered, examples of both typical days and extraordinary ones, and challenges she faced.

Upright women wanted DB98684 by Sarah Gailey

Esther stows away in the Librarians’ book wagon to escape an arranged marriage with her dead best friend’s former fiancé–a friend with whom she was in love and who was executed for possession of resistance propaganda.

The midnight library DB100906  by Matt Haig

After she attempts suicide, Nora wakes up in a mysterious library. The shelves are full of books, each the story of another reality. One tells the story of your life as it is, along with other books for the other lives you could have lived.

Syria’s secret library: reading and redemption in a town under siege DB97420 by Mike Thomson

An account of a hidden library organized in 2013 in the war-torn town of Daraya, which was besieged early in the Syrian Civil War. The author recounts how the books inside were salvaged and scavenged.

The library book DB92869 by Susan Orlean

The author re-opens the unsolved mystery of the most catastrophic library fire in US history. On April 29, 1986, fire broke out at the Los Angeles Public Library and destroyed or damaged more than a million books. Examines the evolution of public libraries while celebrating their value in society.