Mondays and Saturdays

Do you like fun and learning all mixed into one? Well listen up, because STEM and STORIES are for you and your family! STEM and STORIES is a day for science, technology, engineering, and math with a lot of arts and crafts for the whole family. Come join us once month and experience hands-on activities that will engage in music, games, and so much more.

Your Youth library is thrilled to share with you our extended hours starting in the month of June. We have a lot of incredibly fun activities planned just for you and your family! Starting with STEM and Stories which will be a youth planned event every third Saturday of the month. In addition, our library will also offer a Makerspace Monday every second Monday night a month. So as you can see, our library has an explosion of fun just waiting for you!

HOW TO SIGN UP FOR THESE EVENTS? EASY! Simply contact Denise Bean at or call at 515.452.1338.

See the Library’s Events Calendar for Program Dates and Times