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Anyone who cannot read printed publications due to vision loss, dyslexia, or a physical disability is eligible to receive NFB-NEWSLINE.  Please register by calling the library at 515-281-1323 or the National Federation of the Blind at 866-504-7300 to request an application. You may download and mail an application or complete an online application. After your registration is processed, you will receive a message containing your activation codes and instructions.

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From NFB-NEWSLINE: Be informed on COVID-19

In an effort to bring the latest news on the Coronavirus (COVID-19) virus to our subscribers, we are pleased to offer a new information source in our “Breaking News: Online” category. This source of information is being provided by Johns Hopkins University and is titled “COVID-19 Pandemic Data.” Johns Hopkins University is considered one of the leading worldwide resources concerning statistics on this pandemic, and we are pleased that we can offer it in an accessible audio and Braille format to our subscribers.

There are various sections in the COVID-19 data that you may access, and they are broken down by the “Total State Cases,” as well as “World Country Data Cases.” To further provide specific state or international detail, you can select “States” or “World Regions” in an alphabetical range. This data is continuously updated throughout the day with the most recent statistics.

Just like with the Breaking News search results which we added to everyone’s Alexa’s favorite number 1, we have added this to everyone’s favorite number 2 for ease of access.

You can access this new information source by issuing the command: “Alexa, ask National Federation to read favorite 2. Recall that we do have an electronic file containing other commands that you can use with the NFB-NEWSLINE skill for Alexa. If you would like a copy, please contact us.

Access the COVID-19 information using the telephone by pressing 5 from the main menu, then press 1 for the “Breaking News: Online” category, followed by pressing the 1 key, which will bring you to the virus search results, or press 2 for the Johns Hopkins data. If you are using the NFB-NEWSLINE Mobile iOS app, look for the virus information under the “All Publications” section. Web News on Demand users can find the COVID-19 information by selecting “Publications Organized by State,” and then “Breaking News Online”.

We hope that you find the COVID-19 information on NFB-NEWSLINE to be beneficial for keeping you and your family safe during this health crisis.