Braille Babies

Bunny with a bookYour child will gain incredible learning opportunities designed just for them. Simply by signing up your child, they will receive, a free braille book, access to monthly resources filled with helping tools designed to stretch and explore new experiences at the turn and touch of each page.

Register for Braille Babies

Age of child: 0-4 years’ old

Date and Time:  3rd Saturday of the Month at 11:00am

Design of the Program

  • Teaching children the importance of exploring touch, textures and tactiles
  • Elaborate on a multi-sensory approach to reading readiness
  • Time to play!
  • Beginning Braille Skills Are Explored
  • Monthly Braille Activities Provided
  • Parent Resources
  • Monthly Parent Sessions
  • Personalized Activity Box received at sign up!

If you have any questions please contact Denise Bean, Youth Services Librarian at, (515)452-1338