Braille Babies

Bunny with a book

Welcome to Braille Babies!
A program that has thought of everyone and everything when it comes to braille and you.
For ages 0-4 years’ old

Enjoy learning all letters of the alphabet in braille.
Did you know a braille cell has 6 dots and is shaped like a rectangle?

When you sign up you will receive:

  • our incredible Braille Babies Alphabet Book full of activities
  • informational video guide on how to use the book:  Braille Babies Alphabet Corner
  • tactile enriched pages and braille cells
  • the entire alphabet in braille
  • a game designed for the entire family
  • You will also receive access to our many youth programs, READsquared (an online reading program which will track each step of learning braille), along with monthly information newsletters full of braille learning games and parenting tips!

Register for Braille Babies

Check out the Braille Babies Alphabet Corner for videos that go along with each lesson.

If you have any questions please contact Denise Bean, Youth Services Librarian at, (515) 452-1338