New D-List : Reading Across America

Are you ready to do some traveling?  Armchair traveling?  The newest D-List will let you experience every state in America.  It is called Reading Across America and is comprised of books set in all fifty states!  Buckle up in that armchair and let this set of books whisk you around the country.

If you are interested in the newest D-List, call the library at 515.281.1323 and ask to be signed up for the Reading Across America D-List.  We will then send you a special cartridge (in addition to your circulation cartridge) filled with books set in Alabama to Wyoming and everywhere in between.  Once you have listened to an installment, mail it back and we’ll reload it until you have read all 100 titles!

Below are past D-Lists that are still available to sign up for:

Books to Movies – includes books that have been made into movies

Plants in Name Only – includes books with a kind of plant or flower in the title.

TGAR (The Great American Read) – features the 100 books chosen during the PBS 2018 eight part series. Each cartridge will have ten of the 100 books from the Great American Read list.

VOICE (Voices Of Iowa Connecting Everyone) – features our local narrators and the great audio books they have recorded for our collection.

The Bookmark Series – 50 titles that we think would make a great movie for the Hallmark Channel.

Staff Picks  – filled with our staffs’ all-time favorite books.  As with our staff, there is a wide variety of books included, from true crime stories to romance to mystery to historical fiction.  With a little horror and fantasy thrown in there!

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