Roundabout Topics: Navigating NLS Books on the eReader

Image of three arrows moving around a circle with the text, topics, in the middle of the arrrows.Staff member, Leland Smith, will be providing us with a few topics each month stemming from questions he has received from patrons mainly around tech and apps. His goal is to take the topic and bounce down different avenues of information about it.
Thank you to Leland for sharing his expertise!  And now for his first Roundabout:

Topic:  Navigating NLS Books on the eReader

As more and more people enjoy access to electronic braille some may wonder ways to quickly navigate to the start of books. One of the quickest ways we have found is by using the find command, space+”f”, and typing the title of the book. Following Braille Format 1.8 the title and subtitle should be included on the title page and on the first braille page where the text begins.
This will allow you to quickly move to the start of your new book or volume so you may spend more time reading!

Check out more information about our Braille eReader program.

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