Our Volunteers Take the Prize

Thanks to our volunteersApril is National Volunteer Month and the library would like to thank and acknowledge our many volunteers during that month who generously donate their time and efforts to the library.  The library has many behind the scenes volunteers who help with narrating books, braille transcription, editing, shelving and processing books, and much more!  Even during this challenging time, we have volunteers who are assisting our library in providing services and resources to our patrons all across Iowa.

Today we are wrapping up National Volunteer Week with our Elizabeth Perowsky Workshops and Luncheon.  Our volunteer audio narrators are attending a workshop to share their knowledge and expertise with each other and discuss their continued work on recording books for our library collection.  This afternoon our volunteers from all areas of the library will enjoy lunch, networking and awards.  The Friends of the Iowa Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped will also host their annual meeting which will feature the library staff as they discuss their work over the last two years.

Every moment our volunteers give makes a huge difference in so many ways.  Their willingness to share both their time and talents by volunteering with the Library says a lot.  Their willingness to give selflessly to help others speaks to both their strength and the quality of their character.

Staff member, Jodi Aldini, wrote a poem honoring our volunteers.

Volunteers Take the Prize

Today’s the day we celebrate
All of our volunteers.
You’re a crucial part of our Library,
And have been for many years.

You give of yourself and your time,
As if it’s no big deal.
We want to reach out to all of you
And tell you how we feel.

Whether you’re a Pioneer, Transcriber, or Narrator,
Or tackling the new braille.
The impact you have on blind Iowans
Is something no one can curtail.

We couldn’t do it without you,
Your work is second to none.
We’re in awe of your dedication
To get each task done.

The difference that you make,
Cannot be disguised.
That’s why we’re honoring all of you,
Because our “Volunteers Take the Prize!”

— Jodi Aldini

If you are interested in learning more about volunteering for the library check out our Volunteer Page.

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