Iowa Public Library Demonstration Site Application

Iowa Public Library Online Demonstration Site Application

Iowa Public Library Demonstration Site Application (pdf)

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Demonstration Site for the Iowa Library for the Blind and Print Disabled (ILBD).  Demonstration sites are key to helping our library promote services to your community.  Demonstration Sites do not circulate ILBPD materials or equipment; rather they show potential patrons and others what services are available through ILBPD.  By distributing information about the free library service and referring prospective patrons to ILBPD, your library staff can give readers of all ages the opportunity to experience the joys of reading and learning.

Demonstration Site Materials

All Demonstration Sites will receive the following items:

  • One digital player to use with the digital cartridges
  • One set of headphones
  • One circulation cartridge (peach color)
  • One personal cartridge (green color)
  • One cable (to connect the cartridge to the computer)
  • A Promotion Packet containing applications and promotional materials


By signing the application, you agree to the following policies:

  • The digital player and all digital cartridges must remain at the demonstration site at all times.
  • The digital player and digital cartridges are for demonstration purposes only.
  • These items may not be checked out to anyone.
  • The digital player and digital cartridges may be demonstrated to anyone interested in services from ILBPD.  This includes eligible users, friends, family or anyone interested.

Staying Active in the Program

  • If the designated contact person for your demonstration site changes, either call or email us to provide the name of the new contact person.
  • We will be glad to assist you in finding ways to tell your community about your demonstration site and services provided by ILBPD.
  • Contact us if you encounter any issues with your digital cartridges or your digital player.
  • Feel free to make copies of the ILBPD application and to request more promotional items at any time.

BARD (Braille Audio Reading Download)

  • BARD is a web-based, password-protected service that provides access to thousands of audio and braille books, magazines, and music scores available from the National Library Service.
  • Instructions provided on how to download books from the BARD website, BARD Express and the BARD mobile app.
  • Your library will be set up with a demonstration account and will receive access to four predetermined titles for demonstration purposes only.
  • An email, with BARD instructions and resources, will be sent to the contact person listed once this application is processed.

Discontinuing Participation in the Demonstration Site Program

  • Call the ILBPD to let us know that you wish to discontinue, send back all the equipment and books that are checked out to your institution.  Use the box(es) that you have retained to send back the digital player and place all digital cartridges in their plastic boxes.  You will want to check and make sure the white label cards are facing the correct way.  Send these items out with your regular mail.  You may keep promotional items if you wish.