Using Your Digital Audio Book Player: Sequential Play and Bookshelf Mode

Image of the Natonal Library Service for the Blind and Print Disabled digital audio playerOur digital audio book players and cartridges allow the library to download multiple books to each audio cartridge for our patrons.  The library is currently putting 20 books on each patron audio cartridge.  There are two ways to access the books on cartridge: sequential play and bookshelf mode.

Sequential Play

Sequential play will play your books in the order they were downloaded to the cartridge.  To use sequential play feature, put your cartridge into the player and listen to your first book.  At the end of the book, the closing announcements will play; when they are finished, a voice will say “end of book, press play/stop to go to the next book.”  Press the green, rectangle play/stop button and the next book on the cartridge will begin to play.  Repeat this step after each book.

Bookshelf Mode

Bookshelf mode lets you pick what book you want to listen to.  To use bookshelf mode, turn your player on and put in your cartridge.  Next, hold down the green, square “play/stop” button until your player beeps and says “bookshelf”. Once in bookshelf mode, you can use the white, right arrow “fast forward” button and white, left arrow “rewind” button to scroll through the books downloaded to the cartridge.  When you have located the book you would like to read, press the green, square “play/stop” button again and it will start to play the book you have selected.  Repeat this process after you select the titles on the cartridge.

Battery Life of Your Player

When you receive your player or when you are not using it on battery power, plug it in and leave it plugged in as much as possible. This will maintain the battery life of the player.  If you experience problems, call the Library at 515-281-1323 and we will assist resolving the issue.


The Playground: August Recap and September Programs

Welcome to The Playground

We are excited to kick off our new activities and programs in The Playground.  The Playground is our fun and interactive space at the library where you can join us virtually for stories, special guests, activities, crafts and more!

August “STEM and Stories Saturdays” Recap

It was a day of learning to fly with the dragonflies! Did you know that if you ate as much food as a dragonfly in one day, it would be like you eating 64 servings of macaroni and cheese! Oh boy, that is a lot of food! We pulled out our art supplies, as we shaped and added twist and turns to the pipe cleaners and created our very own dragonfly. Our time ended as we relaxed and listened to the story called, Insects Are My Life by Megan McDonald.  Missed the August programs?  Don’t worry you can view past programs on The Playground page.

Coming up next in September @ The Playground

September Makerspace Monday

  • September 14: 6:30 pm- 7:30pmBeeswax and Lip Balm Candle Creations

September STEM & Stories Saturday

  • September 18: 10:00 am – 11:00am:  Story Time with Abigail Kelly and Lip Balm Sensory Fun

Hooked on Books

  • September 23: 4:00pm – 4:30pm: Scavenger Hunt BINGO

Questions?  Check out our Youth Library Page or contact Denise Bean, Youth Services Librarian, at or 515.452.1338

Braille Bits Lessons and Podcast

What is Braille Bits did you ask? Braille Bits is an introductory class that is flexible and convenient, supportive and structured in providing a fun, tiny size sampling of braille. You may want to call this dot learning experience, an appetizer of braille.

This online program is designed to teach braille to sighted people who have connections with braille readers. For example, teachers and parents are taught through a combination of visual representation of braille dot positions, through lessons, homework and a podcast. Did we mention a Podcast? Prepare to be both entertained and delighted by listening to others share their love for braille.

For more Braille Bits information:
Braille Bits Introduction
Braille Bits Lessons
Braille Bits Podcast

Here is our latest Braille Bits Podcast

Join us for a great conversation as Denise talks to a very special guest, Helen Stevens, Education and Training Director for the Iowa Department for the Blind.  They will also review Braille Bits Lesson 14.

Books for Kids

Bunny with a bookJoin the Books for Kids program designed to provide kids daily access to books throughout the year.  We want to motivate kids to help develop a love of reading, spark the imagination and provide tools for future success in school and beyond.

The program provides Braille, print/Braille, large print and/or audio books each month to participants, including summer months.  It allows for the child to choose the books they want in as many formats as they would like to receive.  The books can be sent to the child’s home, school and/or other addresses.

To join the Books for Kids Program just follow these steps:

Step 1: Become a library patron 

Step 2: Register for the Books for Kids Program

Once we have received these forms, the library will begin sending books to your child.  You can let the library know if there are changes in the books your child would like to receive, how often your child would like to receive books or changes in address information at any time.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact Denise Bean at 515.452.1338 or email

Happy reading!

Makerspace Monday Night Event Review

We had such a great time at the Makerspace Monday Event, we got our fingers messy and created “one of kind” Air Dry Clay Bowls. If you missed out on this time together, no worries, it has been recorded, check out the video!

August Makerspace Monday – Air Dry Clay Bowl Instructions

We look forward to our next Makerspace Monday Event September 14th at 6:30 p.m.! Get ready to make “actual” rolled beeswax candles with our true “queen bee” Abigail. One more thought before we depart, send photos of your Air Dry Clay Bowl masterpiece.

Keep in touch and hope to see you soon! If you have any questions contact Denise Bean at or call (515)452-1338.


Did you know if you let a Dragonfly land on your head that is good luck?

Get excited, because this day is all about having fun making your very own dragonfly! In addition to this “wing of a treat” day, we will be joined by our guest Bob White as he reads “The Dragonfly Kids” by Desi Wulandari.

Date: Saturday, August 15th, 2020
Time: 11:00am – 11:30am
Place: Zoom (Virtual Classroom)

Sign up Required: Contact Denise Bean, Youth Services Librarian, at denise.bean@blind.state.ia or call 515.452.1338

Coming attractions

  • September 14th – 6:30 pm: Makerspace Monday hands on candle making with guest Abigail Kelly.
  • September 19th – 10:00 am: “STEM and Stories” story time and lip balm activity with guest Abigail Kelly.