Library Chat

A monthly podcast discussing books and podcasts around various topics.  You can listen to the podcast here online.

Library Chat:  October 2020

October’s Library Chat will focus on the topic of Halloween.  Listen in to hear about spooky books, Halloween traditions and more.  We will also discuss the podcast Stuff You Should Know:  Where Did Trick-Or-Treating Come From?  The popular Stuff You Should Know podcast and video series is published by Stuff Media and hosted by Josh Clark and Charles W. “Chuck” Bryant, both writers at HowStuffWorks.  The podcast launched in 2008 and covers a variety of topics in the fields of science, history, urban legends and pop culture.  Check out the book list highlighting the books we discussed during the podcast and other noteworthy titles.

Library Chat:  November 2020

November’s Library Chat focuses on humor and laughter. Library staff discuss humorous adult and youth books and what makes them laugh. They also discuss Laughter: The Best Medicine episode from the podcast Hidden Brain hosted by NPR social science correspondent Shankar Vedantam. Check out the book list highlighting the books we discussed during the podcast and other noteworthy titles.

Library Chat:  December 2020

December’s Library Chat focuses on one of our favorite topics – food. Library staff discusses all types of books that have to do with food, from recipe collections to mysteries. They also discuss an episode from the podcast The Sporkful which is hosted by Dan Pashman of Cooking Channel’s You’re Eating It WrongThe Sporkful episode discussed is called “LeVar Burton Even Reads Recipes Dramatically“.

Library Chat:  January 2021

January’s Library Chat focuses on the New Year and setting goals (or New Year’s resolutions). Members of the Library staff discuss all types of books that have to do with setting goals, personal and professional growth, and more. They also discuss an episode from the podcast Happier With Gretchen Rubin which is co-hosted by one of the popular voices on the subject of happiness, habits, and human nature, she’s the author of several New York Times bestsellers.  Happier With Gretchen Rubin episode discussed is Podcast 307:  We Reveal Our “21 for 21” Lists.

Library Chat:  February 2021

February’s Library Chat focuses on braille. Library staff discusses the programs the library offers for our braille readers and those who would like to know more about braille.  They also discuss the library’s own podcast Braille Bits by Youth Services Librarian, Denise Bean.

Library Chat:  March 2021

March’s Library Chat focus is on true crime. Join members of our Library Staff as they discuss the vast genre of true crime, including books and podcasts.  They also discuss the true crime podcast, Today in True Crime a Parcast original.  Each day the Today in True Crime podcast examines a true crime event with the same date from years ago.

Library Chat:  April 2021

April’s Library Chat celebrates National Library Week by reviewing books and a podcast about libraries and librarians. Library staff also discuss an episode from the podcast 99% Invisible hosted by Roman Mars.  Episode 415 titled “Goodnight Nobody” explores the complex figure of Anne Carroll Moore, a New York Public librarian, and her role in making libraries accessible to children.

Library Chat:  May 2021

May’s Library Chat discusses the topic of gardening and the books and a podcast that help us to enjoy are gardens, flowers, yards and more. This episode we invited a special guest, library patron, and Master Gardner Roger Erpelding, to share his knowledge with us.  We also discuss an episode from the podcast Let’s Argue about Plants brought to you by the editors of Fine Gardening.  Episode 84 titled Underappreciated Plants for Spring discusses those plants that maybe are overlooked when we are planting.

Library Chat:  June 2021

June’s Library Chat discusses the topic of humor.  This episode we invited special guest, Iowa Department for the Blind Director, Emily Wharton, to share her favorite humorous books and podcasts with us.  We also discuss an episode from the podcast Make My Day with Josh Gondelman Episode 46:  Under the Cheese with Emily Heller.

Library Chat:  July 2021

In July’s Library Chat we discuss the vast topic of sports and the books that go with them.  We also discuss the podcast Sports? With Katie Nolan, Episode Better Than Space Jam.  Check out the library blog for a book list and more from the Library Chat July episode.