October 2020: Visit from Sarah Borzo from Metro Waste Authority

October 2020 Recap

Our STEM and Stories Saturday. Sarah Borzo from Metro Waste Authority had us dive right into the sounds of all the working equipment at a landfill! We experienced a symphony of sounds, such as; stomping, pumping, whirling, swooshing, not to mention smashing, as we ended to the relaxing sounds of nature. Great care is taken at the landfill, they even plant flowers to attract butterflies and bees. It is so important to recycle, and by recycling, you can become a true “planet saving hero.” This video is a must to watch! Plus, we learned that if you recycle an aluminum can, it only takes 30 days to get it right back on the store shelf again! Wow, now that is super cool stuff! We ended our time together by making a reusable Butterfly feeder!