Summer Reading Programs

Ready, Set, Adventure!

2022 Summer Reading Program

Image of a blue dragon sniffing a flower.

When does it start? June 6th through July 29th                                                                                                 

How much does it cost? FREE

What are the times?  Virtually Monday, Wednesday, Friday
1:00pm – 1:45pm

  • Monday – Double Craft Mondays
  • Wednesday – Story Prompt Wednesday
  • Friday – Food Frenzy Fridays

What ages can sign up? 0 to 18 years old are welcome

Online Registration

This Summer Reading Program will have 24 sensational programs full of crafts, food, science, adventure and tons of fun and laughter! Get ready to meet an author reading from his very own book. Have you ever thought of mailing a coconut as a postcard, well, that is how they do it in Hawaii? Or, how about the delicious scent of Orange Cream Cake being cooked right in your very own kitchen. You will also discover how a rock is formed by eating your way through Starburst Candies or discover how to eat and make edible crayons. That is right, edible crayons, imagine that!

Upon sign up participants will receive:

  • a TEAM Summer t-shirt personalized with your name in Braille or Large Print
  • passes to the Blank Park Zoo
  • a 9-piece puzzle set [which by the way, if all the pieces are earned you win a grand prize]
  • Braille Uno Game cards
  • and other prizes you will have to wait and see.

All of this is just a little sampling of what your Summer Reading Program has instore for you. We have a brand-new activity this year, you will be given a Story Prompt each week, by the end of summer your Story Prompt will be made into a book and added into our library collection like a real author! Wow can’t wait!

Sign up early and RESERVE your spot!

Denise Bean, Youth Services Librarian

Check out our Youth Program Archive for past program activities and videos.