Books for Kids

Bunny with a bookJoin the Books for Kids program designed to provide kids daily access to books throughout the year.  We want to motivate kids to help develop a love of reading, spark the imagination and provide tools for future success in school and beyond.

The program provides Braille, print/Braille, large print and/or audio books each month to participants, including summer months.  It allows for the child to choose the books they want in as many formats as they would like to receive.  The books can be sent to the child’s home, school and/or other addresses.

To join the Books for Kids Program just follow these steps:

Step 1: Become a library patron 

Step 2: Register for the Books for Kids Program

Once we have received these forms, the library will begin sending books to your child.  You can let the library know if there are changes in the books your child would like to receive, how often your child would like to receive books or changes in address information at any time.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact Denise Bean at 515.452.1338 or email

Happy reading!

Makerspace Monday Night Event Review

We had such a great time at the Makerspace Monday Event, we got our fingers messy and created “one of kind” Air Dry Clay Bowls. If you missed out on this time together, no worries, it has been recorded, check out the video!

August Makerspace Monday – Air Dry Clay Bowl Instructions

We look forward to our next Makerspace Monday Event September 14th at 6:30 p.m.! Get ready to make “actual” rolled beeswax candles with our true “queen bee” Abigail. One more thought before we depart, send photos of your Air Dry Clay Bowl masterpiece.

Keep in touch and hope to see you soon! If you have any questions contact Denise Bean at or call (515)452-1338.


Did you know if you let a Dragonfly land on your head that is good luck?

Get excited, because this day is all about having fun making your very own dragonfly! In addition to this “wing of a treat” day, we will be joined by our guest Bob White as he reads “The Dragonfly Kids” by Desi Wulandari.

Date: Saturday, August 15th, 2020
Time: 11:00am – 11:30am
Place: Zoom (Virtual Classroom)

Sign up Required: Contact Denise Bean, Youth Services Librarian, at denise.bean@blind.state.ia or call 515.452.1338

Coming attractions

  • September 14th – 6:30 pm: Makerspace Monday hands on candle making with guest Abigail Kelly.
  • September 19th – 10:00 am: “STEM and Stories” story time and lip balm activity with guest Abigail Kelly.

Summer Reading Program Report of the Week

Cat carriying books with text Imagine Your StoryIt has been such a spectacular six weeks of fun for all! Our Summer Reading Program explored many new worlds from learning about the weather, traveling to the depths of the ocean, singing at the top of the trees in the jungles, we did so much. This past week did not disappoint, we had hands on STEM learning with singing balloons and wine glasses that could perform with the Des Moines Symphony. We ended on a delicious taste sampling as we discover the science behind making ice cream in a bag. Did you know that the number one flavor of ice cream is vanilla? Yummy!!  As our Summer Reading Program comes to an end we look forward to the exciting new adventures that lie ahead. Stay to find out more!


  • On August 10th at 6:30pm for our Makerspace Monday virtual event, learn how to create an “Air Dry Clay Bowl” with your Youth Services Librarian, Denise Bean.
  • On September 14th at 6:30pm for our Makerspace Monday virtual event, Abigail Kelly will be joining us for an incredible hands-on virtual DIY Rolled Candle making project that is sure to be a hit!  
  • On September 19th at 11:00 a.m. enjoy story time with Abigail and her bee friends to learn how to create beeswax lip balm of your very own.

In order to participate, you must sign up.  All supplies for this activity will be sent directly to your home.  Contact Youth Services Librarian, Denise Bean, to register at or call 515.452.1338

Book Reviews from Deena

Check out these book reviews from Deena, a member of the Library’s Patron Service Team. Let us know if you would like any titles added to your book list or head over to BARD to download the titles now.

Sisterland by Curtis Sittenfeld
Violet and Daisy are twins and both have psychic abilities. In their teen years, they are not well accepted by their peers. They rely on each other for companionship, but when they go off to college Daisy reinvents herself and becomes Kate and Violet drops out of school. Violet counts on her psychic skills to make a living and Kate marries and has a family. Violet floats through life and Kate feels the need to take care of her. Violet predicts an earthquake for the St. Louis area and is suddenly thrust into the lime light. Kate’s husband, Jeremy is attending a conference on the date of the predicted earthquake. Kate begs him to stay home. While Jeremy is gone Kate does something to jeopardize her marriage. This book is about relationships with parents, siblings, spouses and children. DB77180
Link to Title on BARD

Dead Wake: The Last Crossing of the Lusitania by Erik Larson
I wanted to read this because, I thought mistakenly, like the author, that soon after the sinking of the Lusitania that the United States entered World War I. My grandfather served in World War I and I was interested in the events that would have happened before my grandparents married. Several things in this book made me angry. Winston Churchill perpetuating the myth that the U-boat fired two torpedoes. The fact that Room 40 knew where that U-boat was every day, days before the sinking of the Lusitania, and yet they provided no security. The blaming of the Captain of the Lusitania for its sinking was ludicrous. Following some of the passengers and learning what happened to them was interesting. If you enjoy history, particularly maritime history, you will enjoy this book. DB80936
Link to Title on BARD

A Mothers Reckoning by Sue Klebold
This book is the raw, emotional journey of Sue Klebold. She took this journey after her son, Dylan along with Eric Harris shot and killed a teacher and 12 students and injuring 20 more at Columbine High School. Sue felt like a failure as a mother and searched her memory to find signs of what Dylan had done. Her family was ostracized for many years after the tragedy. In the end, she was so consumed by trying to understand what went wrong that she and her husband, who just wanted to move on with life, divorced. She finally concluded that Dylan had mental health issues and this was an easy way to die or commit suicide. A thought provoking book. Whether you agree with Sue’s conclusions or not this was painful to all who were touched by it. DB83764
Link to Title on BARD

The Orphan’s Tale by Pam Jenoff
The story takes place during World War II. Noa was cast out by her family when she became pregnant at a young age. Her baby was adopted. As she makes her way through the countryside she rescues a baby from a train car bound for a concentration camp. She raises the boy as her own. She joins a circus touring Europe and becomes an aerialist. The ringmaster is a kind man hiding several Jewish people in his employ. The circus in Germany at the time, was the only entertainment that kept the people’s mind off the despair of war. This is an interesting tale with a twist at the end. DB89826
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