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IDB Organizational Chart

IDB Board Overview

New Staff Seminar Project Articles

A New Sheriff in Town

Bad Attitudes Bad Impact

Being Blind Being Black

Black Blind and Successful

Blindness Can’t Stop Me from Living the Life I Want to Live

The Braille Literacy Crisis in America

Can’t or Won’t: The Culture of Helplessness

Dear Teachers, Please Presume Competence When You Work With My Child

Does Vocational Rehabilitation Agency Structure Matter?

The Essence of Education is Repetition

Expectations:  The Critical Factor in the Education of Blind Children

Fact Sheet on WIOA and Limitations On Payment of Subminimum Wages

Great Expectations: Escaping the Low Expectation Trap

Grit: Perseverance and Passion for Long-Term Goals

Guidance Around 14C and WIOA

Healthy and Unhealthy Views of Disability

If Braille Were Print

Independence and Expectations

Informed Choice PD-01-03

The Impact of Braille Reading Skills on Employment, Income, Education, and Reading Habits

The Keys Are in Your Hands

My Long Journey from Partially Sighted to Really Blind

The Neurotic Blind and the Neurotic Sighted—Twin Psychological Fallacies

No Such Thing As Blind Culture

Non-Visual Techniques For People With Low Vision

Ode to a Mentor and a Friend

Of Milk Cartons and Belief

On Structured Discovery

The Perils of Playing Blind: Problems with Blindness Simulation and a Better Way to Teach About Blindness

Separate Agency for the Blind Study

Speaking for Themselves: the Blind Civil Rights Movement and the Battle for the Iowa Braille School

Speaking Over Me Won’t Stop Me

Structured-Discovery Learning: What It Is and Why It Works

Technology, Access, and Personal Responsibility

What If the Secret to Success Is Failure?

What Technology Can Contribute

When the Sleep-Shades Aren’t On

Why Doesn’t Technology For Blind People Cost Less And What Can We Do About It?