2023 Summer Reading Program: Find Your Voice!

Image of a person with a megaphone with text SRP '23 Find Your VoiceOur voices have power. We use our voices to share stories, express ourselves, and spark change. Our voices include not only the sounds we make, but the words we write, the art we create, the movements we perform, and the actions we take each day to impact our world. 

This Summer Reading Program will have 24 sensational programs full of crafts, food, science, adventure, and tons of fun and laughter! Plus, write and become an author of your very own personal book about, “The One and Only Me. We will dance with dragons, chat with live insects, design jewelry with a secret code, track llama’s footprint this is only the beginning!  

When does it start? June 5th – July 24th             

What are the times?  Virtually Monday, Wednesday, Friday  1:00pm – 1:45pm

  • Monday – Double Craft Mondays
  • Wednesday – Special Guest Visits
  • Friday – Food Frenzy Fridays

What ages can sign up? 0 to 18 years old are welcome

We know summer is a busy time, it is not necessary to attend every program.  Register and participate as you can.

Online Registration Form

Upon Sign-Up Participants Will Receive:
Personalized TEAM Summer T-shirt with your name in Braille or Large Print, passes to the Blank Park Zoo. In addition, Find Your Voice; Book Bag, Spaghetti Yo-yo, wristband, and all 24 events of programming materials! Wow, this is awesome!

Denise Bean, Youth Services Librarian

Check out our Youth Program Archive for past program activities and videos.

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