February Makerspace Monday Recap and What’s Next in March

Makerspace Monday @ The PlaygroundWhew! The braille chocolate molds were delivered to our library just in time for the yummy chocolatey braille bar activity. Guest were able to choose between the uncontracted message “thank you” or have a nice day” in braille.

After the chocolate bars were cooled down in the freezer, we began to mix up a colorful batter of paint, water, glue, and flour and made our very own recipe of plaster that covered a canvas board that turned into a collage of art that included copper wire. Hey, by the way, did you know the Statue of Liberty is made from copper? Yes, this is true!  We topped off our canvas collage with wooden hearts, glitter, and copper wrapped into a shape.

In the month of March, spring is going to be sprung on us soon enough. March winds can only mean one thing, time to make wind chimes! Did you know that when you hang a wind chime outside of your home it promotes calmness, and healing. This would be called the Feng Schui way, Feng means wind and Shui means water. Chinese culture believes that wind and water promote good health and positivity!  

Coming up next month in March

Date: March 13th
Time: 6:00pm – 7:30pm

Activity: Soundful Memory Wire Wind Chimes!
Where: 524 4th Street, Des Moines, IA 50309
Online Registration

If you are unable to join in person, no problem, just complete the online registration form and choose “mail activity kit and video link” directly to your preferred address. 

Please contact Denise Bean at denise.bean@blind.state.ia.us or 515-452-1338 


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