Roundabout Topics: Helpful eReader Tips

Image of three areas moving in a circle around the word "topics".With NLS eReaders available for patrons, many people are learning to use a braille display for the first time. Below are some helpful tips to use an eReader.

  • You can select an option by using the enter key (dot 8) located under your right pinkie.
  • You can use the backspace key (dot 7), located under your left pinkie, to leave menus or exit a book.
  • You can type a letter to quickly move to an item starting with that letter. Example, “b” for “Book Reader” on the main menu.
  • You can use m+space to return to the main menu.
  • You can use h+space to open a help menu that lists different actions you can take. The keystroke for the action follows.
  • You can quickly find the start of any NLS book by searching for the book’s title. This is done using Find (f+space).

Enjoy having access to more braille at your fingertips and more things to try with your eReader in future Roundabout Topics.

Staff member, Leland Smith, will be providing us with a few topics a month stemming from questions he has received from patrons mainly around tech and apps.  His goal is to take the topic and bounce down different avenues of information about it.

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