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Heart shape filled with books on shelvesCheck out these book reviews from Deena.  Deena was a member of the Library’s Patron Service Team and continues to generously share book reviews with us during her retirement.  Thank you, Deena!

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Unwilling by John Hart DB103829
John French is a policeman in North Carolina.  He has three sons. One son was killed in Vietnam.  Jason, also served in Vietnam, came back and went to prison. He is now out of prison and the younger son Gibson “Gibby” wants to reestablish a relationship with his brother.  Jason takes Gibby out with several women.  One of the women ends up murdered and Jason is arrested.  Gibby sets out to prove Jason had nothing to do with the murder.  Meanwhile, Jason is back in the prison where he was before and one of inmates runs the prison and is very brutal.  He has is out for Jason.

Cilka’s Journey by Heather Morris DB97024
Cilka was in Auschwitz for three years. When she is released, she is told she is going to another camp for fifteen years in Siberia because of her actions in Auschwitz.  In the new camp, near the Arctic Circle, there are only two months of summer, and the rest of the time is very cold and dark. The life is harsh. Cilka’s first job is collecting coal. She later works in the hospital and eventually becomes a nurse. At the beginning, she lives in a hut with other women and the women don’t always get along. Once Cilka starts working in the hospital she receives more food which she shares with the other women in her hut. While in camp, Cilka finds the love she was longing for at the most unexpected time.

Secret School by Avi DB53789
This is a great book for kids.
1925:  The teacher Miss Fletcher leaves for a family emergency in April.  The school board says they will not replace her this late in the term. The two oldest students Ida and Tom must take exams at the end of the school year in order to go on to high school. They put their heads together and decide that since Ida is the smartest student in the class, she should take over the teaching duties.  They swear the other students to secrecy and all students continue to come to school so they won’t have to repeat the work next year. The school board eventually gets wind of the “secret school” and the children’s plan is threatened.

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