Makerspace Magic: Crafting Your Story October Wrap Up

Image of an orange jack-o-lanternWho doesn’t enjoy the crunch of the October leaves under your feet, or how about turning a gourd into a turkey!

On Week 1, we made a few feathery discoveries. Did you know that geese also have a clock in their brain that measures sunlight and that’s how geese know it’s time to head south. Speaking of leaves, we turned part of a tree into a Wood Slice Owl Magnet. Did someone say, “Who Cooks for You” if so, you just sounded like a Barred Owl.

On Week 2, what a blast, we all rolled the dice to the game Pumkin Bingo Code & Roll Challenge, we turned a game into coding like a computer, and of course, snacked on delicious sugary treats shaped liked pumpkins but of course!

On Week 3, we danced with Sam Claassen from Blind Soul Production. Sam shared his talents as a DJ and even took song request. Have you ever heard of these songs, Celebration or Y-M-C-A?  Thank you, Sam, for making our day musically brighter.

On Week 4, Karen Eis, Library staff member, turned flat paper into a 3D grasshopper that jumps! Since origami is celebrated in October, it only made sense to make it part of this month’s event.  We wrapped up our month by putting together pieces of material and made a Monstrous friend that can tell a story. Please stop by, we have a lot more books to read, monthly challenges, and belly laughter listening to Jokes with Jodi. Enjoy making your Cinnamon Roll Magic Cake!

Coming up in November
Date: November 1st, 8 th, 15th, 22nd and 29th
Time: 4:15 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

  • Week 1 Thankfulness + Gratitude Linking Chain and Turkey in a Bag!
  • Week 2 Gratitude Dice Game and Thanksgiving Story Bookmark!
  • Week 3 Special Guest appearance Kelly Mason from Appleberry Farm
  • Week 4 Applesauce Oatmeal Cookies and Candy Turkey Treat!
  • Week 5 BONUS WEEK

Please check out all the activities that go with this month’s Makerspace Magic that Crafts Your Story afterschool program available to you on the Makerspace Magic Page.

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