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Check out these book reviews from Deena.  Deena was a member of the Library’s Patron Service Team who recently retired.  She has generously continued to share book reviews with us.  Thank you, Deena! 

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The Christmas Sweater by Glenn Beck  DB68511
This is a good book for anyone who wants a heartwarming story. At first, I disliked 12 year old Eddie, he was such a brat,
even when those he loved reached out to him.  Once I understood where all the anger was coming from, I felt sorry for him.  It makes you think.

Murder in Little Egypt by Darcy O’Brien  DB31046
A true story about John Dale Cavaness, Dr. Dale.  He was a beloved doctor in southern Illinois, in a poor area called Little Egypt.  He often treated patients without requesting payment, but to his family and co-workers Dr. Dale was a tyrant.  He took no interest in his wife and four sons.  He threatened co-workers and forced them to sign forms saying treatment was received by patients who had never entered the office.  Dr. Dale was particularly embarrassed and upset with his oldest son, Mark and his third son, Sean whom he felt lacked direction. In 1986, Mark was found shot to death, near his truck.  Six years later, Sean was found shot to death along a road.  Investigators found shortly before Mark and Sean’s deaths Dale had taken out insurance policies on both boys.  Witnesses were able to place Dr. Dale with Sean just hours before he was shot who was accused of his own son’s murders.

The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware  DB85729
Laura “Lo” is on a cruise ship for her job as a travel writer.  She is awakened in the night and believes she sees a body being thrown overboard in the cabin next door. She was told that cabin was empty.  She phones security, and they do not believe there is anything to her story because she had been drinking that evening.  Lo sets out to prove what she saw was real.  She anxiously awaits the moment the ship docks, so she can tell the authorities what she saw. There are several other people on board, who want to prevent Lo from informing the police.  Lo keeps digging to find out the truth, despite the danger to herself.  This is a thriller with several twists and turns.

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