Recap: Summer Reading Program Week 5 and What’s Happening This Week

Ready, Set, Adventure!

Image of a blue dragon sniffing a flower.Last week our Summer Reading Program took us on a journey into nature!  Monday, we enjoyed a day off in celebration of Independence Day, July 4th with a bang, boom, and pop!  On Wednesday, we had a very special guest visitor stop by from New York, Dan Gutman. He is an American writer of children’s fiction books, such as Genius Files and My Weird School. Just naming a few. He brought with him a gigantic banana that sent laughter all throughout the studio. Not only did he make an appearance, but he read out of his new book, which is set to hit the shelves in October. But for now, we will keep this under wraps… SHHhhhhh! It was such a special time with Dan, we cannot thank you enough for stopping by to say hi. Of course, since we were in Nature Week, we used recycled sponges and paint to make Butterfly Sponge Art come to life.   On Friday, we rocked it! Did you know you can take Starburst candy and discover how a rock is formed?  Also, on this same day, we made beautiful, textured one-of-a-kind Wire Rock Art. Our time ended by enjoying our delicious snack, called Eat My Dirt, topped with edible worms. One more fun fact, did you know that a worm can live up to 10 years?

See all the cool stuff we learn at our Summer Reading Program. It never ends!

Coming up this week

Wilderness Camp!

July 11thth Wilderness Scavenger Hunts

  • Arrow Activity – Keep Aiming High!
  • Tic Tac Toe Wilderness Style!

July 13th Special Guest Author Bruce Arant

  • Pinecone Sheep!

July 15th Edible Food in the Wilderness

  • Window Decal for Migrating Birds
  • Edible Bird Nest

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