Recap: Summer Reading Program Week 1

Ready, Set, Adventure!
Our first week of our Summer Reading Program is off to a fantastic start!

Image of a blue dragon sniffing a flower.On Monday, we discovered that fish, snakes, and squirrels can fly… did you know that? We put our builders’ hats on and constructed birdhouses to hang in our trees.  We also made a 5-minute feather out of ribbon. We flew on the back of Hercules, an eagle, as he soared into the sky, with the help of cameras but of course.

On Wednesday, we were joined by Terry Jones, a Wildlife Rehabilitator, who took us on a tour of her back yard to visit her baby raccoon nursery and took a quick peek at her baby bunnies. Terry even introduced us to her 20-year-old horse. We ended our time together creating a very special Heart Raccoon Craft.

On Friday, Allison the 2022 Iowa Honeybee Queen stopped by for a visit. We discovered that a honeybee has 3 million hairs, the same as a squirrel. We finished up by making our very special Jiffy-Pots Bumblebee Mini Garden and enjoyed delicious pancakes in the shape of monkeys and bumblebees. Without a doubt, this week was full of making new discoveries and meeting new friends!

Coming up next week:

Around the World in a Week!

June 13th Cool Artist from Around the World

  • Claude Monet’s Water Lily Water Art
  • Kandinsky Concentric Circle Art
  • Pablo Picasso Giraffe Ruler Art
  • Cherry blossom Tree of Art

June 15th ALOHA Hawaii Awaits!

  • Hawaiian Lei

June 17th Trip to Africa!

  • African Spin Drum
  • Edible Crayons

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