May Makerspace Monday Recap and What’s Next = Summer Reading Program

Makerspace Monday @ The PlaygroundWe did it! The May’s Makerspace Bowl Stamping Workshop was a success! We rolled nearly 1 pound of airdry clay into what appeared to be a delicious, tasty pie crust. We smooshed and squished until finishing up with the perfect thickness and began to add our mark! This was the best part of the night; we pressed each stamp and danced each style all over the top! With the help of our cereal bowl transformed flatten clay into a bowl of its own.

This time together has come to a quiet halt but will start back up on September 12th. We will have fresh new ideas, and maybe a few of our favorites from the past.

In the meantime, our Summer Reading Program sign up is open!

Ready, Set, Adventure!Image of a blue dragon sniffing a flower.

June 6th – July 29th 
Virtually Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 1:00pm – 1:45pm

For youth (0 – 18 years old)

Online Registration

This Summer Reading Program will have 24 sensational programs full of crafts, food, science, adventure!

  • Mondays – Double Craft Mondays
  • Wednesdays – Story Prompt Wednesday
  • Fridays – Food Frenzy Fridays

Upon sign up participants will receive:

  • a TEAM Summer t-shirt personalized with your name in Braille or Large Print
  • Passes to the Blank Park Zoo
  • a 9-piece puzzle set [which by the way, if all the pieces are earned you win a grand prize]
  • Braille Uno Game cards
  • Mystery prizes you will have to wait and see

Interested in learning more don’t hesitate to ask!

Contact Denise Bean at or 515-452-1338

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