A Poem for May

Library staff member, Jodi, shares a poem with us each month honoring our volunteers, the library, and reading. Here is her poem for May.  Thank you for sharing your talents with us!

Mother’s Day

This is the time we think of our moms
and everything that they do.
Moms are extremely special,
they gave birth to me and you.

They changed our diapers,
and wiped our tears.
This would go on,
for several years.

They fed us, and bathed us,
and tucked us in at night.
And if we were afraid of the dark,
they would leave on the bathroom light.

They would always read to us,
anytime night or day.
In between reading books,
they would also let us play.

For Mother’s Day, get her a book,
so she can sit down and relax.
Maybe you can do some of her chores,
to help her out perhaps?

— Jodi Aldini

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