A Poem for February: 2022 Iowa Regional Braille Challenge

Braille Challenge LogoLibrary staff member, Jodi, shares a poem with us each month.  February’s poem helps get us ready for the upcoming Iowa Regional Braille Challenge on Saturday, February 26, 2022.  We want to wish good luck to all of Braille Challenge participants!

Who’s ready for a challenge?

We’re well into winter,
Bundled up because it’s cold.
Tired of ice and snow,
This weather is getting old.

We think of things to do
to keep us inside.
It’s too cold to go out,
and that bike we can’t ride.

The IDB Library,
has an event going on.
It’s called the Braille Challenge.
That sounds like fun!

You’re tested on accuracy
and speed as well.
It’s very important that
you know how to spell.

Charts and graphs,
along with reading comprehension.
Proof-reading is another
we can’t forget to mention.

Whether you’re an Apprentice or Varsity,
or somewhere in the middle.
You’re all champs in our eyes,
No one takes second fiddle.

— Jodi Aldini

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