TALES & TRAVELS RECAP of the Week – Fairy And Folk Tales

Our Youth Summer Reading program wrapped up the summer with a very busy week!

On Monday, we made the Air Dry Clay Rock Necklace and didn’t even have to mix together flour or cornstarch, believe it or not, it was already premixed and ready to go! We squished, our seashell into the clay, and marked the back with our fingerprint. Next, we enjoyed the sweet-scented air using Kool-Aid Paint, now what a great idea! We painted onto a tactile flower while Ellie read us a book.

On Wednesday, we turned tennis balls into talking friends at our Puppet Workshop with special guest Liz. We laughed so hard our sides hurt. Did you know that puppets know how to tell knock-knock Jokes? Thank you Liz, what a fantastic time we had together, we didn’t want it to end!

On Friday, Jack and the Beanstalk made a visit and we learned how to do magic tricks. Ellie taught us how to make dimes disappear and plates stick and float. Plus, we are growing a bean in our “Bean Tiberian.” Did you know the tallest beanstalk grew as tall as 43 feet high? That is tall! We ended our time together making our crunchy and scrumptious “Chocolate Chip Rice Crisps Clusters.”

Thank you Ellie for such a special summer, and all the producers that went into making this program a success! We made all kinds of cool and amazing STEM activities.  We learned from each other along the way. Most importantly, a HUGE thank you to all the children that came to the 27 events. Sending in your wonderful pictures was like icing on a cake. Be on the lookout, more is coming soon!

  Check out the Activities and YouTube videos that go along with the Summer Reading Program!  

A very special THANK YOU from Denise, Ellie and all your library friends!

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