Our Youth Summer Reading program had another busy week last week and more to come this week!

Monday, was full of unexpected surprises and this surprise was a bit of a scare. We shut our eyes and listen very carefully to the roar and loud stomping of actual dinosaurs. Did you know that the LARGEST dinosaur was called the Argentinosaurus and weighed 77 tons? A school bus weighs around 7 tons, now try and compare that, this dinosaur was HUGE! We had so much fun walking our dinosaurs across the desert and snacked on the sweet delicious cookies as we played the game, “Animal Cracker Sort.”  

On Wednesday, we put on our baker’s hat and mixed together; flour, salt, water, sugar, oil, and of course, the main ingredient “yeast,” This day was full of learning all about bread. What a delicious treat. Thank you for all the wonderful pictures that poured in sharing of all the scrumptious homemade bread made right in a Bag!

Friday, was a bit of a crazy time! Johnny Appleseed stopped by for a visit. We created a textured apple out of cardboard and beans. To top it off this day the right way, we experimented and made Apple Jelly Soap out of dish soap and Jell-O. Let’s just say, this activity may need a little ingredient measurement revising. We wrapped it all up with a tasty warm cup of Vanilla Cake in a Cup!

Check out the Activities and YouTube videos that go along with the Summer Reading Program!  

Last stop – FAIRY & FOLK TALES

August 2: Seashell Necklace, Scented Kool-Aid Paint
August 4: Special Guest Liz – Puppet Workshop!
August 6: Bean Tiberian, Paper Plate Magic, Magic Disappearing Dime Trick, Chocolate Chip Rice Crisps Clusters

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