Tales & Travels Summer Reading Program Recap of the Week – CONCEPTS

Our Youth Summer Reading program had another busy week! 

On Monday, who knew that you can make Jell-O into playdough. Believe it or not. At our Summer Reading Program, we mixed, measured, and took in a great big “whiff” of the fruity scent of Jell-O. It was a tempting snack until flour got mixed into the batch. We made Jell-O Playdough Fractions, then it was time to learn about fractions. Have you ever learned about fractions using scented playdough? What a blast! We finished up by poking and connecting fruit chews with a smile into 3-D geometric shapes.

On Wednesday, we blew and blew and blew, until we were almost blue in the face as we blew up our balloons to make, The Electric Butterfly Flutter STEM experiment. Did you know that friction will cause electrical charges, and if you rub a balloon on top of your hair, your hair will look messy because of all of the static? Oh, what fun!

Fridays, are always so much fun and music was at the top of our day. We played to the beat of the BOOMWHACKER and learned about vibrations. Ellie showed us how to create the Guitar and the Rubber Band with a Cup, Drums with Music Activities. For our FUN FRENZY FRIDAY, we made the Rainbow Stick Snack, and to top it all off, enjoyed storytime with Ashley.

Check out the Activities and YouTube videos that go along with the Summer Reading Program!  

This Week’s Stop – OUR WORLD

July 26Fossil Dinosaur Footprints, Animal Cracker Sort 

July 28:  Bread in a BAG! YUMMY! 

July 30:  Apple Jelly Soap, Johnny Appleseed Seed Art, Food Frenzy Friday Box -Vanilla Cupcake in a Cup!

Check out our Summer Reading Program page for more information!

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