Tales & Travels Summer Reading Program: This Week’s Stop is CONCEPTS

A new week has begun for our Youth Summer Reading program, it is all about concepts. For those that were out of town enjoying summer vacation or learning new skills last week, we sure did miss you. We look forward to catchin’ up with you this week!  Don’t forget to bring your Balloon Bowl to share with others.  If you did miss anything check out the activities and YouTube videos that go along with the Summer Reading Program!     

This Week’s Stop – CONCEPTS

July 19: Jell-O Playdough Fractions, Building Shapes with a Smile! 

July 21: The Electric Butterfly Flutter 

July 23: Guitar and the Rubber Band with a Cup, Drums and Making Music, Rainbow on a Stick! [Food Frenzy Friday Box]

Time is flying by, next week, we will have a guest named Laura DeCook talking with us about the Wooly Mammoth!

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