Tales & Travels Summer Reading Program Recap of the Week – CELEBRATIONS

Our Youth Summer Reading program had another busy week! 

On Monday, “Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You”, that might be a hint at what we did on this day, YEP, we made a CAKE! It smelled delicious, and the air was filled with the aroma of vanilla sprinkled with frosting, YUMMY! Believe it or not, science was part of baking this cake. We also studied the plastics used for making Shrinky Dinks as we created key chains of from our very own handprints.

On Wednesday, BAMB, CRACK and POP, goes the sound of fireworks! Oh boy, if you think science isn’t part of fireworks, you may want to think again. We listened and learned that fireworks are one big chemistry lab in the sky. WOW! We made Star-Spangled Slime with Ellie, and to show off our patriotic flair we glued and dabbled in paint to create decorations called Fourth of July Wind Streamers!

Friday, Ellie showed us that Popcorn is an edible science. Now, why would that be the case I wonder? Ellie shared with us that moisture inside a kernel of popcorn, HEATS UP and goes POP, and voila, you get to enjoy crunchy tasty popcorn right out of the bag. We mixed ingredients and made Bath Fizzy Science. For a creamy chocolaty snack, we twisted and turned pipe cleaner into this adorable, Flower Pot Pudding dessert!

Check out the Activities and YouTube videos that go along with the Summer Reading Program!     

Next Stop – RHYMES and SONGS

Monday, July 5:  No Programming

Wednesday, July 7:

  • Elephant Blow Your Trumpet
  • Radiant Recycled Lizard

Friday, July 9:

  • Magnet Wand Painting
  • Train Whistle
  • Food Frenzy Friday – Rice Crispy Treats

Check out our Summer Reading Program page for more information!

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