Tales & Travels Summer Reading Program Recap of the Week – FAVORITES

Our Youth Summer Reading program had a busy week!  On Monday, Pete the Cat stopped by for a visit and taught us about creating a tactile map, it was layers of fun when our fingers touched and decorated along each level of the map. We even had a building challenge called the “Buttons and Play-Doh STEM Challenge”. Did you know that the oldest world map is made out of CLAY and is over 2,520 years old? That is REALLY old!

On Wednesday, we didn’t stop having fun with Pete the Cat, we put water and a marble inside of a maze while we squished and sloshed the marble to the end of the maze. We even created our very own maze by using puff tubes that looked like CHEETOS® Puffs and attached them to tactile Braille Paper. Now, here is a fun fact, did you know the largest Corn Maze in Iowa is over 60 acres big, that is same size of 50 football fields, that is a lot of corn!

Friday, we had fun under the Big Top learning all about balance while “Walking the Tightrope” and doing the “Circus Monkey Acrobats.” Now watch out, we learned a whole new way to exercise, it is called the POI, you will have to check it out! Also, on Friday we put on our little Baker’s Hat or Snack Maker’s Hat as we made delicious treats from our “Food Frenzy Friday’s Box.”

Check out the Activities and YouTube videos that go along with the Summer Reading Program!     


Monday, June 28:

  • Two-Ingredient Soda Birthday Cake
  • Shrinky Dinks Science

Wednesday, June 30:

  • Star Spangled Slime
  • Fourth of July Wind Streamers

Friday, July 2:

  • Popcorn the Edible Science
  • Bath Fizzy Science
  • Flower Pot Pudding

Check out our Summer Reading Program page for more information!

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