Tales & Travels Recap of the Week – TRANSPORTATION

Our Youth Summer Reading program had a busy week!  On Monday, the tide was up at the ocean when we sprinkled salt and made zig-zag waves among the colorful boats catching a glimpse of the pulsating rhythmic lights beaming from the lighthouse. Did you know that a lighthouse sends signals to boats to warn them of the weather? We had fun making our very own Morse Code Bracelets and necklaces too!

On Wednesday, we counted down with the NASA space station. Can you believe this, we felt as if we were right there listening to the countdown when Neil Armstrong BLASTED OFF INTO SPACE! Wow! When we landed safely on the moon, we completed our trip by making Moon Rock Art with sparkles.

Friday, the sound of the train Clicked and Clacked along the railroad tracks. So how does a train stay on the track? Is it with glue, big fat rubber tires or is it because of the shape of the train wheel? If you guessed the shape of the train wheel you are correct! Oh boy, look out, it is a chain reaction, cups tumbled, no problem for us, we stacked them back up, just to do it all over again. 

Check out the Activities and YouTube videos that go along with this week’s Summer Reading Program!     


Monday, June 21:

  • Pete’s Special Map
  • Buttons and Play-Doh Tower STEM

Wednesday, June 23:

  • Pete’s Special Maze

Friday, June 25:

  • Walking the Tightrope
  • Circus Monkey Acrobat
  • Circus Spinning

Check out our Summer Reading Program page for more information!

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