Tales & Travels Summer Reading Program Recap of the Week – NATURE

Our Youth Summer Reading program is off to a great start and last week was busy! On Monday, we took time and actually listen to the sounds of nature. Did you know if you go outside on a nice day, you can hear up to 7 birds singing at one time? We played “Roll the Dice Duck Game” and got our fingers gooey as we made “Rainbow Fish Clay Creation.”

On Wednesday, we discovered how to make cricket sounds with a comb and talked through string phones. Now listen to this, did you know that worms can actually make a sound? Yes, this is true, they make loud popping sounds underwater that can even shatter glass. We finished up by making a special treat called “Worms in a Cup”, such a chocolaty delight!

Friday, we enjoyed a visit with Scott as he taught us all about the different cloud shapes. This is fun to try, put a bar of IVORY soap in the microwave and see what happens, but not too long, you get soap that looks like a cloud. Guess what, a cloud can travel at a speed of 100 miles per hour and can weigh as much as an elephant!

Check out the Activities and YouTube videos that go along with this week’s Summer Reading Program!     


Monday June 14 Supplies:

  • Ocean Salt Painting
  • Morse Code Bracelet

Wednesday June 16 Supplies:

  • Origami Rocket Launch
  • Moon Rock Art

Friday June 18 Supplies:

  • Train on the Track Test
  • Train Gear Experiment
  • Chain Reaction

Check out our Summer Reading Program page for more information!

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