Tails & Travels Summer Program is Ready to GO!

The Youth Library has 9 neighborhoods; Nature, Transportation, Favorites, Celebrations, Rhymes & Songs, Stories, Concepts, Our World, and last but not least, Fairy & Folk Tales where our library books can be found. We have created 27 “cool” events around each of these neighborhoods just for you!  For more information check out the Summer Reading Program Page.

2021 Tales and Travels Summer Reading Program
Dates: June 7 – August 6 on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays
Time: 1:00pm – 1:45pm
Register Here 

Preview of our Tales and Travel’s First Stop – Nature!
June 7 – Rainbow Fish Clay Creation and Science, Roll the Dice “Duck Game”, Sounds from Nature, Jokes, Story Time Fun
June 9 – Sound of Music with the Straw Pan Flute, Sound Waves of the String Phone, Worms in a Cup Treat, Story Time Fun
June 11 – Featured guest Scott, Ivory Soap Cloud, Fog in a Glass, Meteorologist for a Week Activity

Hope to see you soon!
Denise Bean, Youth Services Librarian

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