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Check out these book reviews from Deena, a member of the Library’s Patron Service Team. Let us know if you would like any titles added to your booklist or head over to BARD (Braille and Audio Reading Download) to download the titles now.  Need more information about BARD?  See our BARD Page.

War Brides by Lois Battle  DB17682
This book follows three Australian women who married American G. I.’s after the end of World War II and came over on a ship to the United States to join their husbands.  For each of them, their marriage does not turn out the way she thought it would.
Dawn: a war widow and new bride with two daughters finds a home in Ohio with her in-laws while her husband, Zac is in the Navy.
Sheila: a teenager who moves to the hills of Virginia with her husband, Billy.
Gaynor: a beautiful woman who moves in with her wealthy in-laws in Kansas City while her husband, Rickey is completing school back east.

Finding Me: A Decade of Darkness, A Life Reclaimed: A Memoir of the Cleveland Kidnappings by Michelle Knight   DB78946
This is the horrific story of Michelle Knight, who was kidnapped in 2002, by someone she thought she knew.  She was held in a home for over 10 years.  Two other young girls kidnapped after Michelle, by the same man were also held against their will. Each of the girls suffered terribly, being beaten, not being fed, and tortured. Michelle spent much of the time chained to the other captive, Gina.  She explains some of her innermost thoughts and things she did to escape from the hell she was forced in which to live, which kept her going. She and the other two girls were finally rescued in 2013. (Violence and descriptions of sex)

The Green Mile: a novel in six parts by Stephen King DB44564
Have you always wanted to try reading a Stephen King novel, but you were afraid it would be too scary?  I would recommend the magical book The Green Mile.  This takes place in a prison in the 1930s.  John Coffey is awaiting execution for a crime he did not commit.  Paul, the guard, soon learns John has a special gift.  This book is definitely a power struggle between good and evil. One of the prisoners taunts and threatens the other prisoners and another one of the prison guards, Percy, creates drama where ever he goes. This book has everything.  It is happy, sad, poignant, and humorous. Enjoy the magical ride!

Beautiful Lies by Lisa Unger  DB61604
Ridley Jones rescues a child from being hit by a car and her picture appears in the newspaper.  She soon receives a clipping in the mail. Her life is turned upside down because everything she thought she knew about her life and who she was may not be true. This sends her on a quest to find her true identity.


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