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Benediction by Kent Haruf  DB77097
You might think that because this book is about an old man dying of cancer this book would be a downer. I did not find it so. It is beautifully written. The kindness of the dying old man, his friends, and neighbors make this book a delight.  This book could be a standalone from the series. Highly recommended.

Hillbilly Elegy by J. D. Vance  DB85796
J.D. Vance grew up in a poverty-stricken area in Ohio. His mother was a drug user and abusive. When things got too bad at home he would go to his grandparent’s house.  Despite his situation, J.D. grew up and joined the Marines, and eventually graduated from Yale Law School. This is a touching memoir of overcoming the odds and becoming an inspiration to others.

The Johnstown Girls by Kathleen George  DB78994
This is the story of Ellen who with her twin sister went through the 1889 Johnstown, PA flood.  Ellen does not know what happened to her sister but has a feeling she lived. At 104, she tells the story of her survival to a reporter on the anniversary of the flood. The reporter and his girlfriend work with Ellen to find out what happened to her twin sister.

The Dog Who Came to Stay by Hal Borland  DB64728
If you like dogs, you will enjoy this book.   Two dogs came to the home of the author on Christmas on a cold, snowy night in Connecticut a number of decades ago.  Both Hal, the author, and Barbara, his wife agreed that they did not want or need a dog.  Enjoy the antics of Pat, a true gentleman and country dog, who adopted Hal and Barbara as his own.

True Sisters by Sandra Dallas  DBC01589, LT10719
This book of historical fiction is based on the 1856 migration of the Mormons from Iowa to Salt Lake City, Utah.  The people used handcarts instead of wagons.  They made the mistake of starting late in July, so the weather was a factor in their journey. It was a dangerous trip and many died from the cold, starvation, or drowned crossing rivers.  They finally reached Salt Lake City in November with a much smaller group than they started.  Follow the perils of these pioneers as they cross the United States to Zion.  This audiobook was produced by our library.

When I Found You by Catherine Ryan Hyde  DBC15164
Nathan finds an abandoned baby boy on a hunting trip.  Once the newborn is identified, he is given to his grandmother to raise. Nathan never forgets the child and leaves him gifts for his birthday. The grandmother names him Nat after the man who found him.  The grandmother is strict and Nat is a rebellious teenager so she asks Nathan to raise him.  Nathan is more than happy to take the boy as he always cared for him. The grandmother remains in touch.  As Nat grows older, he thinks he wants to become a boxer.  He trains to fight and gets his opportunity to earn some money when he does well in a boxing match.  A promoter asks him to stay on to fight in an unregulated fight for big money and is seriously injured.  During his recovery, Nat loses interest in everything, so Nathan and Nat’s wife try to get him to come out of his funk.  Nathan buys a boxing gym for Nat, trying to interest him in coaching and Nat finally comes around to working as a boxing coach.  This book is a great example of love between a parent and a child. This audiobook was produced by our library.

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