February Recap @ The Playground

On February 8th at our Makerspace Monday, we were joined with special guest Emily Wharton, it was nothing short of Joyous. Sting art was top on the list. As our fingers weaved, stretched, and crisscrossed creatively through the nails that designed a heart. This beautiful block of wood not only held nails in the shape of a heart but nailheads spelled out the word “Joy” in Braille. This simple block of wood has a story to share, and oh boy, was it a heart-warming good time!

Next, on February 20th for our STEM and Stories Saturday, Sarah Willeford, shared with us the story of a real-life firefighter, Jake Royster! He taught us fire safety tips and shared with us his special Bunker gear that protects him in a fire. Jake’s job is so important. If you missed February’s Makerspace Monday or STEM and Stories Saturday check out the recordings here!

Coming up next month on March 8th for Makerspace Monday Virtual Event, we will touch the moon as we create textures and make science discovery when we learn about the different Moon Phases! Who knows, you may discover chocolate along the way! On March 20th at our STEM and Stories Saturday, it is Story Time with Dan Chibnall, astronomer, as we experience space sounds in space.

Coming up in March @ the Playground

Makerspace Monday Virtual Event
Date and Time: March 8th 6:30 p.m.
Activity: Space with Texture!
Register Here

STEM and Stories Saturday Virtual Event
Date and Time: March 20th 10:00 a.m.
Activity: Featuring special guest, Dan Chibnall Story Time in Space!
Register Here

Braille Babies
Date and Time: March 20th 11:00 a.m.
Activity: Braille, learning and Parenting Tip!
Ages: 0 to 4 years old
Register Here

Hope to See You Soon!
Denise Bean

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