Tech Tip: Zoom Accessibility Add-On for NVDA

Tech Tip

With a lot of classes and meetings happening on Zoom the NVDA (NonVisual Desktop Access) community has come up with an NVDA add-on that makes using Zoom easier and more accessible.  NVDA is a free and open-source screen reader for the Microsoft Windows operating system. Through the NVDA Community Add-ons, you can make improvements to the experience of using Zoom for NVDA users by providing keyboard shortcuts.  These affect how alerts are reported throughout the meeting software. 

In order to use these features, you will need to go to the Zoom Accessibility Enhancements and then download it.  Once its download while NVDA is on select the file and NVDA will walk through the rest.

Be sure to check out other NVDA add-ons on their Community Page!


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