Throwback Thursday

It’s Throwback Thursday, where we talk about a book we enjoyed years ago!  Today we are throwing it back with Leslie, Special Services Librarian.

My Throwback book would of course have to be a book by Stephen King! He is my absolute favorite author and always tells a great story that completely sucks me in!  Even if the story scares the pants off me, I can’t put it down.  Although, sometimes I can’t read it right before bed.  This title wasn’t that scary, but it definitely sucked me in!  It is The Green Mile.  I don’t know if some of you remember, but when The Green Mile was first published in 1996, it came out in six separate installments and it was torture waiting for the next installment to be released!  I was in college at the time and would put everything aside to read the next installment as soon as I could.  My roommates thought I was crazy!  The Green Mile tells the story of “criminal,” John Coffey, sentenced to Death Row in 1932 for the rape and murder of two young girls.  But Coffey is an unusual human being and thus begins an irresistible journey through the Green Mile.  If you like suspense, mystery, a little horror and human compassion, this book is for you!

Is there a book that throws you back?

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