Latest D-List: Is the Book Better Than the Movie?

We are announcing our latest D-List (Digital List Including Special Titles)!

Is the movie better than the book or is the book better than the movie?  You be the judge with books from our newest D-List.  This list is comprised of books that have been made into movies over the years.  Call the library to request this most recent D-List and we will send you special cartridges filled with books that have been made into good and some not so good movies.

Call (515-281-1323) or email ( the library today to request the newest D-List and we will send you special cartridges with those books included.

Past D-Lists are also still available to receive on cartridge.  Just let us know which ones you would like.

  • The Great American Reads – features 100 books from the Great American Read list featured on PBS.
  • VOICE (Voices of Iowa Connecting Everyone) – features the library’s volunteer narrators and the books they have recorded for our collection.
  • Bookmark Series – if you are a fan of Hallmark movies this list is for you.
  • Staff Picks – comprised of 60 books, all filled with our staffs’ all-time favorite books.
  • Plants in Name Only – is a list includes books with a kind of plant or flower in the title.

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