Using Your Digital Audio Book Player: Sequential Play and Bookshelf Mode

Image of the Natonal Library Service for the Blind and Print Disabled digital audio playerOur digital audio book players and cartridges allow the library to download multiple books to each audio cartridge for our patrons.  The library is currently putting 20 books on each patron audio cartridge.  There are two ways to access the books on cartridge: sequential play and bookshelf mode.

Sequential Play

Sequential play will play your books in the order they were downloaded to the cartridge.  To use sequential play feature, put your cartridge into the player and listen to your first book.  At the end of the book, the closing announcements will play; when they are finished, a voice will say “end of book, press play/stop to go to the next book.”  Press the green, rectangle play/stop button and the next book on the cartridge will begin to play.  Repeat this step after each book.

Bookshelf Mode

Bookshelf mode lets you pick what book you want to listen to.  To use bookshelf mode, turn your player on and put in your cartridge.  Next, hold down the green, square “play/stop” button until your player beeps and says “bookshelf”. Once in bookshelf mode, you can use the white, right arrow “fast forward” button and white, left arrow “rewind” button to scroll through the books downloaded to the cartridge.  When you have located the book you would like to read, press the green, square “play/stop” button again and it will start to play the book you have selected.  Repeat this process after you select the titles on the cartridge.

Battery Life of Your Player

When you receive your player or when you are not using it on battery power, plug it in and leave it plugged in as much as possible. This will maintain the battery life of the player.  If you experience problems, call the Library at 515-281-1323 and we will assist resolving the issue.


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