Summer Reading Program Report of the Week!

Cat carriying books with text Imagine Your StoryWe went deep sea diving straight into the ocean and found ourselves learning and swimming with the enormous Blue Whale! In fact, did you know that the Blue Whale is a mammal and can weigh as much as 441,000 pounds and can grow to be as big as a jet airplane! Wow, now that is amazing! We spent time on the beach while making our very own Sandcastle Sand Art with our library friend Ellie! Next, we got to meet Abigail who dazzled us with her sparkling crown and BEE QUEEN sash as she introduced us to her very own bee hive. We got BUZZING with the BEES! Did you know that bees cannot see the color red and can flap their wings 200 times per second, plus out of every 4 bites of food bees are responsible for 3 of those delicious bites?  We are so excited, in the month of September don’t miss out, we are going to make beeswax candles and lip balm with our friend Abigail. I can’t wait!!  Finally, as if this week isn’t fun enough, Friday we learned all about plants. Plants provide us with both oxygen and food, wow, who knew that! We got to make our very own CHIA pet friend.

We only have one week left of our Summer Reading Program Virtual Event, but I have great news for all of you, the fun will continue as we look ahead! Stay tune to “up and coming” detail in the very near future. COMING UP NEXT WEEK …

Summer Week and STEM Week Virtual Event

  • July 27- Will it Pop or Will It Not Experiment, Singing Glasses Experiment, Circle, Square or Triangle Who is the Strongest Experiment
  • July 29 – Singing Balloon Experiment, Stress Ball Frenzy
  • July 31 – Ice Cream in a Bag Activity!

IDB Read Kids with Bob White will continue through August every Tuesday and Thursday at 1:00pm.  We are continuing to read the Bunnicula series by James Howe!

To see the full summer schedule checkout the Summer Reading Program Blog Page.

You still have time to be a part of this summer sensation!  Register Today

Hope to see you soon!
Denise Bean, Youth Services Librarian

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