Summer Reading Program Report of the Week!

Cat carriying books with text Imagine Your StoryIt has been a blast of electric fun, as we explored the weather this week and actually met with a real storm spotter. Scott taught us a few tricks in predicting the weather! We also made pinwheels, and learned all about what happens when you put soap in the microwave and so much more!

Now don’t miss out, because next week we are going to Race into Space with Dan Chibnall! Dan will make the sounds of space come alive with excitement!  We will learn all about the stars and galaxies and you will get your very own tactile constellation booklet. To top it all off in a twinkling star fashion we will pretend to be an actual comet while exploring the moon! We will learn about gravity like a real astronaut. They sky is the limit on this week of fun!

June 22 – Guest Speaker Dan Chibnall
June 24 – WIKKI Stick Constellation Design Challenge, Comet Activity
June 26Moon Dough Activity, Gravity Test 1 Water Drop Activity, Gravity Test 2 The Feather and the Ball

To see the full Summer schedule checkout the Summer Reading Program Blog Page.

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Hope to see you soon!

Denise Bean, Youth Services Librarian

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