Voting Is For Everyone

voteVoting Is For Everyone, including Iowans with vision loss.  Through this project funded by a Prairie Meadows Community Betterment Grant, the Iowa Council of the United Blind (ICUB) is sharing tips and techniques with visually impaired citizens that will help them participate fully in this year’s voting process.

The Voting Is for Everyone project is encouraging Iowans with vision loss to vote through presentations at blind organization and support-group meetings and through a clear, concise guide available in large print, audio, and electronic formats.  The guide covers such topics as blind-friendly methods for registering to vote, casting a ballot, and remedying any violation of voting rights.  It also includes sources of timely information about candidates and issues that can be accessed no matter how much vision the voter has.

The Iowa Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped has a copy of this guide in Braille (BRC27080).  If you are interested in the guide, please contact the library at 515-281-1323 or

Below is a link to the Iowa Department for the Blind’s website with more information about the voting guide and information on how to download a copy of the guide.

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