March Madness

March madness is in full swing here in Des Moines, with the Iowa Girls’ State Basketball tournament happening only a few blocks away at Wells Fargo. Crowds of people are roaming in our neighborhood, and you can feel the energy. You can also enjoy some excitement by reading these and other books about basketball, available here at the library.

Dream Team: How Michael, Magic, Larry, Charles, and the Greatest Team of All Time Conquered the World and Changed the Game of Basketball Forever by Jack McCallum

Sports Illustrated reporter covers the 1992 U.S. gold medal-winning Olympic basketball team — the first ever composed of professionals — from its inception to the medal ceremony in Barcelona. Details the selection of the players, the fourteen games they played together, and the team’s mark on basketball history. Available in audio.

A History of Basketball for Girls and Women: From Bloomers to Big Leagues by Joanne Lannin

History of women’s basketball from its beginnings at Smith College in 1892 — mere weeks after its invention — to the professional arena. Describes the changes in the game and its major players and coaches. For junior and senior high readers. Available in audio.

Longshot: The Adventures Of A Deaf Fundamentalist Mormon Kid And His Journey To The NBA by Lance Alfred

Allred describes his childhood in a polygamous Mormon community in Montana. Covers his dealing with hearing loss and obsessive-compulsive disorder. Discusses maintaining a high GPA and a dedication to basketball in college — despite having an abusive coach — and eventually earning a stint in the NBA. Available in Braille.

Knight: My Story by Bob Knight

Autobiography by Indiana University’s controversial basketball coach, fired in September 2000 after twenty-nine seasons. Describes his days as a player before moving to teaching positions and explains the circumstances that led to his dismissal. Available in large print.

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