Don’t Forget Our Magazines!

You may know that our library has an excellent variety of books, but did you know we also have magazines? You can subscribe to get magazines in audio and Braille, and they will be mailed to your home on a regular basis. It’s also free. Contact the library and ask us for a full list of titles. Here is a sample of some of the magazines available.

  • People: Celebrity news and interviews. Keep up with the latest gossip!
  • Guideposts: Inspirational Christian interviews, stories, and poems.
  • Popular Science: Articles on the latest trends, products, and news in the world of science and technology. Learn which gadgets are worth your money.
  • Birds and Blooms: Home gardening, bird watching, and other nature topics.
  • Cricket: Children’s magazine for ages 9-14. Includes stories, poems, songs, jokes and crafts. It comes packaged with National Geographic Kids.
  • Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine: Mystery stories by unknown and famous authors. If you’re a mystery fan, you might find your new favorite author here.


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